Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Criminology Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Criminology Theory - Essay Example In this movie, the views and characters of Derek are shaped by his neo-nazism beliefs. Derek is recruited into this group by Cameron Alexander, the neo-nazi leader. Alexander appoints him as the leader of the Caucasian kids. His role was to lead them against the Hispanic and the Black kids. Their attitude against them was shaped by the belief that these kids they lost their freedom and destiny to these people of different race. The Hispanics and the blacks were foreigners whose main aim was to exploit the resources of United States of America. On this basis therefore, Derek joined the group of the skinheads because of inequality in resource allocations, and he adapted their violent methods of agitating for their rights. The movie shows this by when he led a group of skinheads to destroy a Korean canteen. However, while in prison, Derek changes his ways of view. This is because he came to learn that there was a need of collaborating with each other, irrespective of race to survive. This is because of the inter-racial commerce that was pre-dominant in the prisons. The violent behaviors that Derek had were as a result of his failure of self-control, because he had already subdued the thieves, and he was not facing any threat. For instance, ordering the thief to open his mouth and busting his head with a bullet was a very cruel method of killing an individual. He could also control the manner in which he made his speech that had an effect of causing a violent mass action by the skin heads. The tone of his voice was harsh, and his words were full of incite. On this note, had Derek used some soft words, the riot that came as a result of the speech could not occur. It was possible for Derek to refuse the offer by Alexander, because he was not forced into joining the group. On this basis therefore, the behavior of Derek came as a result of his inability to control

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