Sunday, November 10, 2019

DSMAC Crusher Spare Parts Summary and Advantage Analysis Essay

Among many crusher spare parts manufacturers in China, DSMAC is a famous one. Many customers would like to choose this company for there are first-class crushing machines, professional crusher spare parts research team and the all-around service. The spare parts produced includes crusher hammer, rotor repair, overlaying welding repair, wear-resisting liner and so on. Crusher hammer: DSMAC can offer processing business for all kinds of models crusher hammers no matter bought from our company or from other companies. The crusher hammers with weight from 5kg to 200kg are all can be processed. These crusher hammers from our company have the features of strong wear resistance, high cost performance and long lifetime. So DSMAC is the best choice for customers. Rotor repairing: with the advanced crusher rotor repairing technologies, DSMAC had produced, reformed or repaired thousands of crusher rotors in the past fifteen years. So the enterprise has the ability to solve variety of problems, such as the hammer disc axle hole and outer rage’s wear, hammer shaft fracture, hammer plate cracking, locking device failure, spindle displacement, beating heating, bearing damage, shaft deformation, and so on. Besides, we also explain customers’ questions freely. Overlaying welding repair: DSMAC undertakes roller overlaying welding repair for various roller press. The welding repair or new roller production is both available in our company. In these business, the hardface welding repair can prolong roller’s service to 8000 to 12000 hours. The Wear-resisting liner: DSMAC can produce crusher machine liners with various models, short liners, stepped lining plate, groves plate, small wave plate, and so on. The good application effect in customers’ factories improve the crusher spare parts’ goog quality. DSMAC committed to provide solution of crusher spare parts for new or old customers. If you have any questions, please contact with us through email: We will provide the best service.

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