Friday, November 1, 2019

What are the main factors contributing to low expectancy in the Essay

What are the main factors contributing to low expectancy in the developing world Investigate possible solutions to these problems - Essay Example Money can buy comfort but these people are well below the poverty line because of which they are unable to buy clothes and ultimately face the wrath of extreme climatic conditions. The government has to take initiatives to ensure that their lives are saved, it is the responsibility of the government to safeguard their lives but the truth is that very little has been done for them in the past and nothing much is expected to change in the future. Drought and famine are also two other reasons because of which several people die each year in developing nations. â€Å"Governments of developing countries have invested in improving public health measures (safe drinking water, sanitation, mass immunizations), training medical personnel, building clinics and hospitals, and providing medical care. But much remains to be done. Malnutrition, especially among women and children, is still a big problem. And communicable, largely preventable diseases still claim millions of lives. For example, the average rate of measles immunization worldwide is just 80 percent, and every year more than 1 million children die of the disease. Many of those children are in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the rate of measles immunization is the lowest- about 60 percent.† (Beyond Economic Growth) Cleanliness is another factor which plays a major part in deaths across the globe, diseases like malaria spread easily in developing countries because of lack of cleanliness and the same takes away several lives, these things can easily be avoided but nothing much has been done about it. It is high time for the government to step in and do its duty otherwise more lives would inevitably be taken away. Healthcare can play a pivotal role in saving the lives of several people, it is their right to have access to good facilities which they have been deprived of thus far, they should have access to

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