Friday, August 23, 2019

Art History writing assignment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Art History writing assignment - Research Paper Example Each individual is looking to load his or her pockets with money while most of rich folks traded their character, soul and honor with wealth. In the past, artists’ belly was empty but his or her soul was full of life. But, the demon of technology recently transformed the traditional art and science of painting into a mechanized practice. The modern artists are shamelessly working towards attainment of economies of scale by producing paintings and artworks in bulk. Furthermore, the contemporary filmmakers are engaged in joining several parts of the existing works in order to develop a new one. The true nature and feel of human emotions is withering away from the cinema and the meaningless glamour and sexuality is replacing the everlasting messages of human emotions. The key message of Benjamin’s work stated that humans have lost their basic and fundamental attribute that made them humans. The artist attempted to communicate his frustration and emotional agony by arguing that the humans of the modern world will become incapable of practicing and demonstrating compensation and love (Benjamin pp.230). The society of the so-called 21st century is a living instance of Benjamin’s predictions. Additionally, the humans have learned the method of evaluating close relations on an economic basis. The mothers and fathers are fighting with their children, as they do not financially participate in covering up the expenses. The being analyzed work discussed degrading human involvement in the field of arts and then, it extrapolated that lack of artistry in humans simply mean s that they are not living an internal and cognitive life that is the elementary essence of human existence. The work entitled â€Å"Blessed Art Thou Among Women† on the other hand, depicted an important and bitter reality of human community that is a breaking bond of love and affection that is known to exist between mother and her child. The historical love of parent and offspring was highlighted in the form of a painting so that people should and must understand the value of human relations (Kasebier, Blessed Art Thou Among Women). Nevertheless, the works of both abovementioned legendary artists did not have any significant and notable impact on the course of human evolution that is going into the deep and dark pit of individualism. The growing individualism in all parts and regions of the world is going to make all humans alone. In the near future, people are going to live and die in loneliness because they will never have true human relations and feelings. All of the divine religions emphasized on human relations and few technological geeks are going to take humanity away from th e golden and heavenly rules. Historically, people lived in joint families and had a habit and tradition of practicing concern about their neighborhoods. The life was rich and people were more than happy in arranging parties and festivals at weekends. The professionals were punctual about observing office timings and job turnover rate was also low because there was a sense of family in workplaces of that era. The rape cases were recorded rarely. The sons and daughter did cry on the sad occasion of their parents’ departure from this world. The movies and artworks of the period promoted the notion of peace and tranquility. Based on the

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