Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Prescrption with controlled medicine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Prescrption with controlled medicine - Essay Example Similarly, legislation on the drugs and medicine practices is divided based on commonwealth and the states. The commonwealth laws are classified into schedules. There are various schedules, which, are based on their effects on the public and which, control both the production and distribution of the products (Chaar, et al., 2005). Focusing on the discussion, schedule eight provides rules and regulations on prescription of controlled medicine by practitioners (Australia, 2010). Under the same, it is important for the medical practitioners to prescribe medicine for a genuine therapeutic person affected. In this case, a valid approval number is essential in validating the scripts. Lack of approval number may result into penalties on the side of pharmacists. According to Bessell & Silagy (2002), the chief health officer has to approve the script for patients who have been either under controlled drugs for a period of about 2 months or more. The same applies to patients considered drug dependant. Pharmacists that operate within the stipulations of the code of conduct by ACT are exposed to the risk of severe punishment. Penalties apply to those who do not adhere to the guidelines on prescribing medicine to patients. It is obvious that prescribers have to prescribe the medicine with a number authorized by the chief health officer. To avoid any penalty, the pharmacist is supposed to comply with the rules and regulations set by ACT. He or she has to give medicine that has a recognition number from the chief health officer (society, 2012 p. 200). The number is meant to validate the medicine. On the side of the patients, it will be important for one to confirm that the prescription is accompanied with a valid number from the chief officer. Though there are no penalties on the side of patients, use of such medicines may have an impact on their health (Australia, 2010). Secondly, the relevant authority may conduct several checklists in

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