Thursday, August 29, 2019

Corporate Responsibility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Corporate Responsibility - Essay Example The litigation involves Pelman vs McDonald Inch on the ground that the corporation intentionally misleads their customers about the health products and services they offer through their false advertisements. The plaintiff argues that the consumption of fast food from MacDonald Corporation could have partially contributed to the overweight, obesity and heart disease; thus deterioration of health. The respondent denied the allegation by arguing that they are not accountable for the decisions made by the plaintiff to consume their fast food products. Discussions MacDonald Corporation and other fast food restaurants should be held accountable for selling harmful products, failing to caution consumers of the risks of a high-fat diet, and misleading advertising. This is because high consumption of products and services from fast food industries has become the major cause for health problems in the United States. The research on business ethics demands corporations to be socially accountabl e for their actions or activities. ... MacDonald and other fast food industries have been frequently ranked among the producers of unhealthy food, which have contributed to varied health problems to children (Mello, Rimm, and Studdert, 2013). These fast food companies should be judged for making deceptive advertisements arguing that their products and services offer health solutions to consumers and yet they create more health problems. Wharton (2005) argues that obesity have raised many difficult marketing questions regarding the issue of junk food and deceptive advertisements made by fast food industries. Childhood obesity, which is linked by consuming sugar-laden fruit juice, chips, Oreos and other non-nutritious snack foods have raised a major health concern in the U.S government. The new government research pointed some of the culprits behind the cause for increased childhood obesity. MacDonald Company was among the identified company with pending litigation about their deceptive advertisements and not being socially responsible for their actions, which has left many children with health problems. Although the major aim of the company is to make profits, they should carry out their business with ethical concern of not causing harm to their potential customers. The decision made by the U.S government for fast food industries to stop advertising harmful products to kids has raised some concern within fast food industries. These companies advertise their product knowingly that there is something wrong with the advertisement; thus they deserve to be judged negligent and warned about such actions. Although it is not easy for marketers to change their products overnight because they will run risk of changing their products

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