Saturday, August 31, 2019

Limitations of Machines Essay

What is 9,999,999 times 9,999,999? You would not be able to enter that in your calculator, because your calculator has limitations on what it can accomplish, as do all machines. A machine must have boundaries. If these boundaries were ever breached machine could become alive. From the wise mouth of Elbert Hubbard, â€Å"One machine can do the work of fifty men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.† A machine will never exceed the potential of an outstanding individual. No matter how complex or advanced the technology it will never best a genuine- unique man. The use of machines has and should always be tools. Once the machine becomes more useful than the creator it stops being a tool and thus breaks it s natural limits. This has never happened before because machines lack a specific trait that every living thing has. That trait, the undeniable ability is called a free will. Without free will even us humans would never be able to surpass are limits. The choices you can make are what separates you from a living being and machine. It is because they stay chained to one path is the reason why a machine’s abilities will never exceed a human’s potential. Think about why machines were first built. It’s not because they were needed, rather it is because they were convenient. Technology was created to quickly do the average man’s work. You cannot build a machine that does your normal job without first knowing how accomplish it without the use of a machine. This proves machines were built out of curiosity, rather than out of necessity. The earliest machines were built to function to a certain limit. Without that restraint machines would cease to be exactly what they are. A machine is a tool that can execute at an almost perfect accuracy. Machines only accomplish this feet, because they operate within their own area or limitations. A machine without limitations will not function affectively and accurately. It will cease to be, and its identity of a machine will dissipate. Scientists have pondered making a machine without boundaries or restrictions. They wish to build something like humans called, â€Å"Artificial intelligence.† It will have feelings and free will. It will be able to make unreasonable decisions based on instinct, but its instinct could lead it to making the wrong choices. Some fear if artificial intelligence was ever created, mankind would fall. Technology should never pass a certain extremity, because we would lose the sight of those extraordinary men. When thinking back about what Elbert Hubbard said, I strongly believe machines were built to share the abilities of those unique extraordinary men. Machines are built to answer what has already been solved by man. They are built to make life less difficult throughout day. The machine is meant to be as useful as the inventor created it to be. No more no less, because a machine without limits is it really a machine.

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