Thursday, October 17, 2019

Americas Next Top Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Americas Next Top Model - Essay Example Description actually evolves as new forms of reality shows emerged. The list could be endless as more and more "audition" types and freak-games sprout. Betts went as far as laying out the basic rules for reality programs as "either elimination of contestants in a high-handed or low-minded procedure, or revelation by a spontaneous uncovering of their flaws, conceits or pettiness," (Betts, 2004) with un underlying message that these kind of shows could be of little, or no relevance to people and persons involved except for some rewards for the winners. Starting out with a gem or a germ of an idea is the first crucial stage of every television or even movie and other performing arts production. How is this going to be done, who, when, how, why. The same thing can be said for "America's Next Top Model." First it was just a flash in the mind. Then, the idea jumped out to a drawing board, until it starts taking a skeleton of a shape, then, it has taken form and meat. Jumping off from the success of "American Idol", the fashion world takes a reality program for its own, run by its supposedly creator Tyra Banks", a supermodel herself. The next step after a germ culminated as an idea is to find out the costs in producing the show. Costing: There are two categories for production cost as the cyber college (2005) pointed out: above the line that pertains to performances and production elements like talent fee, script, music, office services, marketing and promotions. Below-the-line include the physical elements like stage, studio, sets, props, wardrobe, graphics, transportation, production equipment, studio facilities, editing, and the technical personnel that includes the stage manager, engineering personnel, video recording operators, audio operators, and general labor. The specifics now follow: 1. Pre-production costs that include putting up the idea into one solid material of project proposal that includes the script, technical descriptions and production abstract. The process of getting financers and technical backers. Estimate*: $ 800,000.00 2. Location scouting and related travel expenses refers to finding out the best possible area for main production site, in America's Next Top Model case, in a luxurious Los Angeles mansion where the young women contestants may have their own room and move freely, at the same time accommodating the technical staff or crew. Expenses for travel during the rounding off of places and spots are included in here until the final touches and detailing. Estimate*: $ 500,000.00 3. Studio rental includes the budget for venue for the professional appearances where catwalk performances as well as general modeling audition will take place. Estimate*: $ 50,000.00 4. Sets and set construction is the beautification concept where the production design will be applied. This includes the process of making the studio appear like a Victoria's Secret runway, the stage, the judges' table and a background that will evoke the ramp

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