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Multiculturalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Multiculturalism - Essay Example To have a multicultural state, the nation must be a multi-ethnic; the cultures should be open, self-critical, and interactive in their relations with other each other (Interviews by Cindi John, 2004). It means welcomming, living, sharing and caring for and with culturally diverse people. This diversity comes from people who migrate from their respective nations in search for better conditions than those available back home. Most often the reason cited for this immigration is for a look out of a prospective job, however reasons such as looking for a safe and secure environment can also be seen. The immigration of muslim communities to muslim nations is one such example. The roots of Multiculturalism in the US can be found in the Civil Rights Movement of 1960s when the minorites (Blacks) fought for their rights (UWM, 2002). Thus it can be said that even though the immigrants do not hold citizenship of the country they live in, yet they have their rights which the a multiculturistic country must give in order to prevent discord and conflicts. Multiculturalism is thought to be connected to a solution in solving the problem of racism and discrimination in the society. According to the literature, when culturally diverse people live together, they form a bond; a sort of a relationship between themselves. After the initial conflicts and misunderstandings are over, they start to learn from each other and appreciate each other's diversity. Different cultures are understood, language is simplified, feeling of humanity is restored and as a result diversity is accepted and racism extinguished. 2. Diversity Breeds Creativity, Skills & Knowledge People from different backgrounds and cultures have different skills, talents and knowledge. This is what makes them so different. This diversity is good for any organization which employes culturally diverse people. People bring in different knowledge and skills which is essential for any growing organization. New ideas are bred, skills are exchnaged and learnt, and as a result creativity is enhanced. A study done by Sweeney, Weaven, & Herington (2008), showed the positive effect on quality of work done by diverse people working in groups. This goes on to show that countries promote multiculuralism since it is good for their country and its people. A third world nations, like Pakistan or India, can find it increasingly beneficial when foreigneres bring foreign direct investment, new technoloy and know-how, as well as any information or skills previouly not available in the country. 3. Exposure For any country, the exposure of its resources is beneficial for the economic situation. Through multiculturalism, people belonging to other countries can come and help enhance, grow and improve the existing industry. Once a country gets known for its industry, talent, skills or resources, it creates demand for more and hence get the wheel of the country moving. This is the case with Dubai, where many different cultures live and continue to come in because of the attractiveness of the Emirate. Cons of Multiculturalism Where there are countries that promote multiculturalism due to its advantages,

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