Monday, October 14, 2019

Tummy Tuck Essay Example for Free

Tummy Tuck Essay Whether you’re a male or a female Age, hormones, high protein diets and other factors can result in centralized fat in the abdomen. Abdominoplasty, also known as a â€Å"tummy tuck,† is a cosmetic procedure performed to eliminate excess skin, remove fat and fat cells from the abdomen, as well as tighten the underlying muscles in the stomach to create a firm abdomen. The removal of a large part of lower abdominal skin requires that the belly-button be surgically reconstructed as well. An unfit abdomen is due to a number of factors not only due to extra fat. Stretching of tissues and muscles in the stomach, having problems with elasticity in the skin and having excess skin can cause your abdomen to appear weak and out of shape. A Tummy Tuck can be done for a person of any age but ideal candidates are people who have lost elasticity to their skin with age and women whose pregnancies have stretched out the muscles in their abdominal wall. Women who plan on having a tummy tuck should be comfortable that they are done having children to avoid re-stretching of the muscles. Men as well can be candidates for abdominoplasty in cases of dramatic weight loss, creating loose skin. Men and Women that lack exercise or are non-responsive to exercise can build up the â€Å"spare tire† look in which they may benefit from a tummy tuck as well. When planning a tummy tuck, you must consider a few things. Like any other surgical procedure, there are risks and pre-cautions that must be taken into account. Good communication with your surgeon is key to preparing you for your surgery. Dieting, smoking, alcohol intake and other individual habits must be taken into consideration and discussed with your doctor. Time is important when considering a tummy tuck. Make sure you have planned enough time to recover and you have family or friends that may be available if you need them. All types of surgeries have risks to some measure. Some risks of having a tummy tuck include, infection, excessive bleeding, prolonged scarring (mainly due to smoking amp; 2nd hand smoke), skin loss and blood clots. (Discuss all the complications with your surgeon). A Tummy Tuck can be done for a person of any age but it is most frequently done on women who have had children and do not plan on having more. It is also regularly performed on people who have lost all of the weight they planned to lose. You must be a healthy individual with no severe medical conditions. (Set up a consultation with a surgeon to see if your health issues contradict with having this procedure). Pain, swelling (due to the removal of tissue) and bruising after your surgery can vary on the individual but those post-op effects are normal. A compression garment is given to the person to wear directly after the surgery for 4-7 weeks. A Tummy Tuck does not replace exercise and diet, those things essential to living a healthy lifestyle, but it certainly is a booster to those who want to start getting back into shape and is a quicker way to retrieve your previous figure or achieve the shape you’ve always wanted. Your goal is just an appointment away, call for a consultation to get started!

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