Friday, September 27, 2019

Business Marketing Report on Corus Group Plc Essay

Business Marketing Report on Corus Group Plc - Essay Example Corus traces its roots in October 1999 with the merger of Koninklijke Hoogovens N.V. and British Plc. The business organisation is one of the largest producers of steel and aluminum in the world. Its size and scope has made it a very important player in the global economy as it is a supplier to other companies in almost all industries (Corus Group 2006). Currently, Corus it is being acquired for $9 billion by Tata Steel, an Indian steel company (Yahoo finance 2006).Corus is subdivided into four strategic business units namely, strip products division, long products division, distribution and building system division, and aluminum division in order to facilitate the manufacture of its numerous products. The company classifies its products in seventeen broad product lines: 1. bar and billet which are classified steel types, hot rolled products, bright bar and services that relates to this product line; 2. construction products and services which ranges from structural steelworks, floor s, walls, roofs, modular, light framing, and other building components; 3. business services which relates to the industries where Corus is involved such as research and development, consulting, testing solutions, and transport and shipping;4. electrical steels comprised of grain oriented steel, nonoriented fully processed steel, and nonoriented semi processed steel and complemented with lamination and transformer products; 5. narrow strips which are specially tailored according to customer’s specifications;

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