Sunday, September 29, 2019

Mexican American Essay

The document of WWII and Mexican-Americans of 1945 writen by LULAC which was found in 1929 stated that â€Å"some hald a million Mexican-Americans served in the armed forces during WWII†, but yet Latinos continued to face discrimination towards them. LULAC then demanded equal rights for minority groups after them experiencing the War and serving the Country. As many signs in many place clearly stated to the Mexicans-Americans that their â€Å"uniforms and service ribbons† meant nothing to them and they were simply not allowed in anywhere. It left said that the so-called â€Å"Mexicans† were worthless of having equality wether they served the Coutry or not. Mexicans were and are racials characterisctly stated as Caucasian since there was only 3 races which were, Caucasians, Negroid, and Mongoloid. For that LULAC said that â€Å"this condition is not a case of difference; it is a case of ignorance†. They said that ignorance was † a Disease that was contagious to those who wish to suffer from it†. Ignorance tied hate, jealousy, misunderstandings, confusion, etc. The hate was not just beacause of the race or because they weren’t smart enough nor because of the language. The hate was because the ignorance affected many for them to think the â€Å"Mexicans† did not deserve the equal rights. As â€Å"Mexicans† proved to be loyal Americans after every test that was thrown at them, they â€Å"delegated right guaranteed by their constitution as a reward for their faithful servive. † The whole purpose of this document was for Mexican-Americans to be given â€Å"social, political, and economic equality. † Mecians had proved that they deserved the right of equality as all the other Americans. I agree with the authors point of view which was stated that ignorance was the biggest cause of the hate and discrimination toward the â€Å"Mexicans†. Ven withoutservice ribbons the â€Å"Mexicans† and other minorities deseved equality for the simple fact the the world needs to have equal rights for everyone, wether they served the country in any way or not, because they were born in American teritory.

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