Thursday, September 12, 2019

Critical respond Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Critical respond - Essay Example The approach that the author takes is one that is based on providing information about the different dynasties that were relevant to Japan, beginning from 221 BC. The main concepts that are presented at the beginning show the main territories as well as the specialist areas in which most worked with the Japanese dynasty. The relevant facts include everything from the agricultural concepts that were approached during this time as well as the way in which the embassies divided the different borders and regions for rule. More importantly, there is a direct introduction that shows how the emperor’s of each region incorporated new lands and began to conquer various territories to provide more resources and wealth to each nation. The basic information includes the settlements that took place from the different rulers as well as different areas which were conquered throughout the dynasty era. The author not only incorporates the basic aspects of the reading from the political and agricultural viewpoints, but also begins to show how the trends of Japan changed because of the religious beliefs. For instance, some of the mountain regions of Japan were considered sacred. This led to underdevelopment of the areas, as well as specific approaches to ensure that the sacred concepts were kept throughout the region. This begins with an understanding of how the ancient culture developed with the main philosophies, such as the concept of words, symbols and images and how these reflected the spiritual nature of those that were within the region. The author then moves into how this evolved into Zen Buddhism and the developments that make Japan more current in the religious beliefs, specifically because of the developments that occurred in ancient times. The author links the beliefs as the core part of the country, which allowed other parts of power

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