Thursday, September 26, 2019

What factors influencing Chinese parents tosend their children to Literature review

What factors influencing Chinese parents tosend their children to study abroad - Literature review Example China’s system and policies for education have a number of weaknesses and areas for development for likely investment that cause parents to send their children overseas for better studies. Author Ryan discusses reforms on higher learning in China and compares them to those of international economies. According to Ryan, the influential hand of economic and political realities overwhelms modern relative and overseas studies of higher learning reforms (Ryan, 2011). Ryan’s text tries to provide an alternative cultural standpoint to explore the development and conversion of China’s higher learning system. The book argues that China’s culture philosophies affect the development of higher learning (Ryan, 2011). Even so, Ryan notes that current scientific literature does not offer his argument adequate attention. Researchers Li, Liu and Zhang, approximated returns made in the education sector in urban China in 2012. In this study, Li et al experientially approximated the return to learning through a twins model of data. The research’s regular least-squares model approximated that a single year of learning raised a Chinese student’s income by 8.4% (Li, Liu and Zhang 2012). When Li et al used the twins model, this return decreased to 2.7%, but increased to 3.8% after the adjustment of measurement error. These findings indicated that a huge part of the approximated returns to learning occurred because of absent ability or the family impact (Li et al., 2012). According to Li et al, this was proof that the return of education was low in urban China because of its current education system. In 2012, Li et al studied the medical learning system in China in an attempt to understand the country’s national education system. According to Li et al, China is undergoing a crisis of poor and ruined doctor-patient relationships, which officials deny openly. Li et al says there are multiple reasons for the distrust

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