Saturday, September 7, 2019

Identify the important examples and images of technology in the novel Essay

Identify the important examples and images of technology in the novel and to explain why they are important - Essay Example Rather an in-depth analysis of the inner meaning of the novel seems to be bound to exhume a more profound theme that includes technology revealed in a positively negative context. The question whether technology can bring about ultimate happiness has been continually explored throughout the whole novel. Here Huxley scathingly criticizes any regime that claims universal happiness for human being. He attempts to establish; if happiness is something to be pursued by human being, certainly it cannot be brought about by any genetic pre-program. Consequently the futility of the use of technology by the totalitarian authority to bring happiness is revealed in the claim of the savages: The right to grow old and ugly and impotent; the right to have syphilis and cancer; the right to have too little to eat; the right to be lousy; the right to live in constant apprehension of what may happen tomorrow; the right to catch typhoid; the right to be tortured by unspeakable pains of every kind. (Huxley, 240) In the novel Huxley continually manages to exploits the attention of his readers to the fact that happiness in the Brave New World derives from what technology is supposed to contribute to it, such as genetic engineering, mutation and biological advancements, Centrifugal Bumble-puppy and Obstacle Golf, pleasure drug, Soma, etc. One of the stunning aspects of this technology-equipped society is the limitless consumerism that satisfies only the hunger of carnal desires of human being. Consequently ‘Happiness’ in this society tolls the sacrifice of the most sacred shibboleths of human culture: â€Å"love†, â€Å"family†, â€Å"freedom†, â€Å"motherhood†, â€Å"home† etc. Controls in every sphere of life determine the individual existence of human being. Controls of technical pre-programs replace the moral restrictions of human that traditional religions of the world impose upon man, as Mustafa Mond says, â€Å"God isnt

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