Monday, September 2, 2019

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When a viewer clicks onto a website it should stand out straight away to the viewer. A website should be designed to be easily used with simple navigation. Target Market Identification: When you are trying to figure out your target market you must think of the people the products sold would appeal to. For example age, gender and business should be thought about. According to ‘A well defined target market is the first element to a marketing strategy’. Site Objectives: When you are designing a website you must identify clear objectives. You can communicate your thoughts with clients. Some websites are designed to share info and others are designed to sell products. According to manual, there are a number of objectives relevant to most websites: †¢ To brand yourself †¢ To find sales leads †¢ To conduct e-commerce †¢ To build a community †¢ To attract attention †¢ Share news with customers †¢ Provide customer support †¢ To gain advertising revenue †¢ To brand yourself †¢ To build trust ( Navigation Solutions: Navigation on a website shows the user where they can go on the website. People looking on websites want to be able to use it easily and want to be able to find their way around. Suggested by, ‘Navigation should be a prominent element of your design’. The two aspects are Navigation and Orientation. also suggests that †¢ Navigation-means where can you go? It is an important part of website design and must be simple and clear. †¢ Orientation means where you are now? A common method to show the user where they are is to use large text on headings. Also changing colours on the menu makes it stand out from the rest. Site Structure: You must plan a structure of your... ...ebpage and this will change the amount of space available to display your text and other elements at the top, bottom, left and right edges of your page on screen. The margins can be adjusted in the BODY tag by one of the following attributes: LEFTMARGIN, RIGHTMARGIN, TOPMARGIN, BOTTOMMARGIN, MARGINWIDTH OR MARGINHEIGHT. The amount of space you want to specify is measured in pixels. For example: . The above example creates a margin of 20px from the left side of the screen and 30px from the right hand side. HTML links are defined with the tag. Example: This is a link Ordinary link: Link-text goes here Image-link: Mailto link: Send e-mail (

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