Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What are the effects of using ICT and Media in the 'English Classroom' Essay

What are the effects of using ICT and Media in the 'English Classroom' - Essay Example In general, the learning and teaching behaviour between the students and the school teachers, is an important factor that contributes to the success of using computer-based technology in education (Karasavvidis et al., 2003). For this reason, the design of a virtual classroom for English language has to be easily accessible, reliable, user-friendly, and interactive. For this study, the types of ICT and other related media technology used in the English Classroom settings has to be identified first. Eventually, the researcher will conduct a literature review about the positive and negative effects of using the ICT and other forms of media in the English classroom. In the process of going through the main discussion, several issues and problems associated with the use of ICT and other media technology will be identified followed by discussion of the impact of using these technologies on the teaching and learning process of the English language. Based on the gathered peer-reviewed journals, improvements on the students’ academic performance concerning the use of each type of media technology will be tackled in detail. With regards to the school improvements, some of the existing teaching and learning theories will be applied to the practice of using ICT and other forms of media technology. Under the supervision of the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTa), UK government is strongly committed in supporting the use of ICT within the classroom settings (Becta, 2009). Similar to the personal opinions of the secondary school teachers (Clarke, 2003: p. 3), the UK government also finds the promotion of using ICT as one of the best way to improve and strengthen the learning experience of the students. As a result of the rapid development in the use of ICT and media technology, educational settings like the English classroom has been using digital technology in order to support the learning

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