Tuesday, September 24, 2019

POLITICS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

POLITICS - Essay Example (2003) political ideas and ideologies can act as a kind of social cement, which in turn could provide social groups with a set of unifying beliefs and values. In this regard one could consider that governments are set up to help provide a relatively unified set of codes by witch to govern a society. In the American context one could present the argument that the ‘First Continental Congress’ which was a meeting of twelve of the thirteen original colonies which banded together to present grievances to the British Monarchy was the original congress. However it was the second continental congress which met again in 1776 which declared the colonies free, effectively beginning the American Revolution and in turn was the entirety of the United States government. According to English (2003) it is the case that the original congress held such responsibilities as directing the war, commerce, the enforcement of laws, however they were not free to collect taxes and held the key distinction of allowing the independent colonies (States) the ability to remain sovereign and as such they would effectively be free to ignore any legislation passed by congress. As one would naturally assume, this system was rife with flaws. In this regard a kind of compromise was made in which a house of representatives was established in which officials would be elected directly by the people based on the population of the states and the senate would provide a type of equal representation by the state regardless of population. Now it is the case according to Davidson et al. (2006) that the United States congress has a number of direct powers identified in the United States Constitution however there are a number of implied powers which owe their nature to the Necessary and Proper clause. In general the congress handles affairs pertaining to the setting and collection of taxes, defense, the paying of debts, regulation of commerce, the establishment of courts (lower than the Supreme Court). It

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