Monday, September 23, 2019

The Right to Privacy and Personal Life Research Proposal

The Right to Privacy and Personal Life - Research Proposal Example Their main guiding principle is the aspect of confidentiality with customer data. Indeed, there is need to inculcate public trust in order to get more customers. Data recovery business is a very sensitive one which deals with handling customer information hence there is need to maintain a good reputation in order to remain in business. One of the guiding principles of this data recovery company is the aspect of confidentiality and this company is working as a private entity, not a jury or ought to perform other undercover investigations which is vital for the sake of earning public trust. Except in cases where someone is planning criminal actions such as murder, the company should not easily divulge any other personal information which in most cases is private that would have been retrieved from customers’ computers. In the given case, a technician comes across what seems to be a sensitive murder case. However, he should basically take into consideration the fact that their company is guided by principles which seek to ensure public trust. On the other hand, there is need to safeguard the interests of the public such as safety against criminal activities. The only problem emanating from this case study is that the alleged evidence of murder found in the study may not be abundant enough to lay a case against a client given that it may be fictional writing. After all, this company is not out to probe or do investigative work but only to recover data for the clients. 2. Roughly translated, an organization's ethics come down to the standards that are followed in a relationship with others. This basically is the real integrity of the organization. Mills’ principle cited in Fraser Seitel (1995) states that â€Å"ethical considerations always seek the greatest happiness for the greatest number.† The operations of any given organization should be within the generally accepted standards in a society of which they operate from. The aspect of privacy is also one very important component of the concept of ethics.

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